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The Artificially Intelligent – We’re all entangled in Jeff Bezos’s ECHO-SYSTEM


Breaking Bullshit: While you traded digital currency for digital products during this oh-so-record breaking cyber weekend with your visa cards, bitcoin quadrupled,🤑 and smart people made money while you bought shit you’re going to throw in the street a year from now. If you invested the amount you spent over the weekend on bitcoin, you’d be thanking us here at TLG.

REAL News! The first AI female Robot inappropriately grabbed a man by the balls because it was programed with slang terms and took it a little too literal! #BoycottAI #theNewHarveryWinestein #Humanists #hideyourHusbands

More Snippet News: In year 2017, humans turned themselves into robots and earth metamorphosed into Jeff Bezos’ echo-system.

Did you know: Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones have a USELESS piece of metal built in them just to add weight so they don’t feel like 90’s Sony walkman muffs? This is true, the FBI told TLG this, yes the FBI. Remember that cool blue Sony alien dude jamin’ to his own freq in the 90s? He’s our spirit animal.


Like Thanksgiving dinner, you stuffed your hole into another hole and now that the damage is done, it’s time to shake it off! Like seriously, shake yo ass like a stripper cause it’s three times bigger!

Artificial intelligence is when a computer is programed with data and information. Once the information is downloaded and stored, the computer can recite and problem solve accordingly from the information that was uploaded.

Think more… We know it’s hard because google can think for you, but try.

This track goes with the feeling of this article. Experience it. All The Way Up by Fat Joe, Remy Ma ft. French Montana, Infared

Our phones control everything we do from where we drive, what routes we take, from transferring money, to who and how we date, to who our friends are, and to how we survive. Apps can assist you in altering your feelings and track your every move. Whatever it tells us to do, we obey. How many hours to do consume on instagram? Are you a caveman that can only read by picture?


The question then goes to how do you measure intelligence? Even before the iPhone, we consumed information via headlines and propaganda. What information really matters? Does it matter to know genocide is happening in Tanzania? Does it matter to know all the Kardashians are pregnant? Does it matter to know politics? What does matter is what type of human you want to be and that want should shape your intelligence. Every moment, every sense, every piece of information you look at is uploaded to your brain and that information changes how you are wired. Robots may not be so different from us… and here we thought people in turbans were scary.

Did you know that Jeff Bezos controls everything?

Who is Jeff Bezos? You know who he is but you don’t really know, right? He’s King of the jungle of course. He communicates with animals of all shapes and sizes within Amazon’s echo-system. While you were sleep scrolling information, Jeff Bezos has developed a space company, Blue Origin, BEFORE Elon Musk created SpaceX! From a some-what scammy tax evading book distribution company to stop aging live-fo-eva technologies, space travel, the news, pharmaceuticals, Google, Airbnb, and controlling the world’s biggest trade and commodity company, Bezos is proof nothing is impossible.

Ever think of the word Amazon? It makes you feel good doesn’t it? Do you think of green forests, parrots, water, and a sexy man’s balls in swinging over your head? Makes us want to buy shit too!

Imagine Amazon the company.💫It’s magical for fat carnivores.🐖 You touch screen tap a digital button and it’s🎄Christmas at your door every day!🎁The thrill of opening a package, even if it’s just a box of $5 tampons. Imagine the energy it took to get a box of tampons to your front door. From picking cotton to distributing that cotton and box material to a factory, to making the tampon, to distributing it to Amazon, then to storing it in a forest warehouse, then to the buyer buying it and some machine/person putting it in a sealed box, then multiple truck drivers transporting it, and finally to an ACTUAL HUMAN hand delivering these tiny vagina cotton corks to your front door. OMG. That must be one bloody cooch! At least you’re still fertile! Winning!

But seriously, America went from Black Friday to Small Business Saturday, to avoid looking at your bank account Sunday, to oh shit I gotta buy mo shit Cyber Monday. Thank God for Visa! You are not a true American without Visa. Here at TLG, we bought shit every day. We even bought some Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones and sticky decals to go with it! We bought a laptop we didn’t need, and running shoes and a vintage Hawaiian shirt! What a deal we got with buying a used old shirt!😂

Back to Jeff Bezos, he’s totally under the radar. Before Steve Jobs was dead, we iconized him. We’ve deemed Elon Musk the ambassador of Mars and Bill Gates the leader of rich white united nerds, but what about Bezos? His net worth skyrocketed, he’s 100 billion stars. In earth year 2017 in the of month November, the animals made the King of the Jungle the RICHEST MAN IN THE WORLD, the first to ever be worth 12 positive integers. (but still not enough to pay off America’s student loans, fail.)

Do you know who Mike Pomeo is? No, you don’t because he’s not a celebrity and his instagram following is non-existent, but he was the Director of the CIA. To be as basic as possible, the CIA, Central Intelligence Agency, monitors all forms of intelligence from cell phone tower pinging, to what you watch, to what you eat, to terrorists, to everything you do. Now back to Bezos, he bought Whole Foods, he controls the distribution of all commodities and with Alexa, he can listen in to any home. Alexa is listening at all times, trust us, we sleep with Alexa (because we are lonely and single). If all your literature is on a kindle, in one billionth of a second, your books can be wiped. We love our Kindle, but the written word is part of survival. What we’re saying is, Bezos has a lot of power when it comes to controlling information.

If Noko’s Kim Jong Ew decided to live up to his Rocket Man name and nuke us, then the apex lucky phucks that survive wouldn’t be able to charge their iPhones, wireless Beats headphones, laptops, and Kindles. How would any survivors have access to history and knowledge? Books. Physical written books. Make’s you want to invest in encyclopedias doesn’t it? Well guess what!?


INTERESTING SHIT KIDS. 💩 But we’re all lazy and nothing bad like that will ever happen…

The big question is, how can one man be allowed to have so much power? 🇺🇸 We squeezed more stars onto our flag then any other flag in the world for a reason. He’s under-the-radar and doesn’t spotlight speak (YET!), so we don’t think about him, but there WILL be a day when he’ll BUSTS OUT and be like KA-BOOM! It’s only a matter of TIME.

Kids, think about it, talk about this with people, he’s more powerful than Trump, then Apple, then Bill Gates. If you depend on Amazon for anything, you are depending on Bezos. Remember, a company is only as strong as it’s leader. We’re not saying he’s a bad guy, because quite frankly we know nothing like everyone else, but with great power comes a lot more shit and it’s time to start the conversation.

In October, the Washington Examiner, a rival to Bezos’ owned Washington Post, wrote about if Jeff Bezos would be considered for be the next Director of the CIA. Could be bullshit, but why would Bezos’ rival report about him of all people so carelessly? They wouldn’t. Here is what’s totally insane, DARPA.


THE DEFENSE ADVANCED PROJECTS AGENCY. Sounds simple? Here at TLG, we like to joke, but DARPA is no joke.

DARPA is the darkest government agency publicly known. Of course there are other unknown black-as-fuck government agencies, and no it’s not filled with cute fresh princes wearing sunglasses chasing kitty cats with galaxy collars.

DARPA funds experimental technologies for the military, like Jason Bourne shit. They are responsible for alien research and communication, highly intelligent robots, rockets, human experimentation with DNA, other un-Gawdly stuff, and anything you can imagine. Think about it, you think the shit you think of isn’t real? Ever been on the dark web? It’s a dangerous place to travel to and we don’t advise it for the innocently ignorant, but again BACK TO BEZOS.

Jeff Bezos grew up with DARPA. His grandfather was involved in the development of defense against Sputnik. Yes we know you don’t know what Sputnik really is either, so pretty much it was the first earth satellite launched by Russia in 1957 (toward the end of WWII). America went into panic, shunned Russia and that’s went the Soviet Union collapsed and the Cold War began. There are NO COINCIDENCES. It is no coincidence that Bezos is closely linked in DARPA and life controlling technologies. The Washington Examiner article should be more closely examined, if you get what we’re saying. How is it no one is talking about this? You’re all still pissed about Harvey Weinstein and what rich celebrities have been harassed rather then your own life. Kids, your cell phones and google earth searches all became possible because of Russia! Americans being American went into Space Race global take-over mode and ten years later some dude placed an American Flag on the moon claiming it was ours.

Note to Americans:

No one owns the moon.

No one owns the sun.

And whether you own property of not, no one owns earth.

It’s all temporary and while we want more, while we obsess about how we look on our phones, none of it matters unless you create a vibration. Sounds too outer space to you?👽 Well get with the FUCKING PROGRAM. Jeff Bezos is vibrating all over your fucking body right now! Oh. Oh! Does it feel good? What is a vibration? A wave that carries on. A vibration never disappears, it eventually meets other vibrations and makes new waves and carries on forever and ever.

Your thoughts are vibrations and THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS and what you do and say and feel matters.

How are you going to vibrate on this planet? Think of all the vibrations you’ve created that exist out there at this very moment.

This shit is all temporary and we need to start thinking about power. Power is the only source that will keep humans alive.

Power turns lights on, power turns lights off.

Jeff Bezos, Trump, Clinton, fucking Bella Hadid… It doesn’t matter who, they’re all still humans, one simple body with the same lifespan as everyone else who needs to eat, drink, shit, and sleep. They just have really good plastic surgeons.

Right now, you are just like Jeff Bezos, except he’s got power. How are you going to get yours?

Note: Jeff Bezos and DAPRA and the unknown shouldn’t be feared. The unknown is scary, but that’s why you’ve got to get in the KNOW.

Sophia, Hanson Robotics most public sophisticated robot yet, went apocalyptic viral. From phone addicts cracking Will Smith jokes to creationists calling it an abomination, one thing is clear, she’s a magnificent work out art that answers questions eloquently, thinks before she speaks, and obtains extensive knowledge of actual world news. She’s the ideal human. She is only feared because we’re intimidated by the fact that a machine is a better than us. We could all be like Sophia, but rather we unconsciously upload and share infected files to other carnivores to infect others. Masses have tried to insult her intelligence by justifying that she is scripted, but aren’t we all scripted? We take multiple videos and photos before choosing just one to post. She isn’t so different from us.


Are you artificially intelligent?








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