The Last Generation an alter-ego, a culture, and a never ending store window to all things apocalyptic. We’re a culture obsessed with false cultures. We no longer study indigenous weavers in Peru, we study slap-my-pussy-rap culture and 4Chan trolls who simultaneously type poison while jerking off to Chaturbate. It was the end of times in the 50s as much as it’s the end of times R.N. The Last Gen is an end of times paypa – go swipe someone like you do your asshole.👋🏾 Mel-a-n-i-e is reporter that reports on it.

For the past year since we launched TLG, she has been an evolving playground aiming to define the last generation, ‘what if’ solutions to the social issues that millennials face with connective technology and identity, and to tell real A.F. timely stories.

She just is what she is. (typos and all)

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The Last Generation (TLG) is a culture and state of mind. It’s an identity that a small but mighty group of people are missing.

For as long has humans have existed, over 200,000 years, it has only been in the past ten years, starting with the iPhone, that we’ve had a complete paradigm shift in how we communicate and exist in the world.

14 million years ago, the first apes appeared. They communicated through sound and movement and these actions happened when they were physically together. For 200,000 years humans had to communicated face-to-face. They had to move their bodies, physically protect themselves, and fight to survive from outdoor weather conditions, predators, and disease.

They had to develop relationships and communities to survive. They used their hands to construct, they built for durability and longevity, they looked at the stars to determine direction, they listened to the wind to predict weather, and they needed so much less.

Weather, food, direction, relationships, sex, money, and identity… Now there’s an app for all that; anything you want in the click of a button. Instant happy highs, with a single ‘like.’ What’s the meaning of living when your phone can live for you? We’ve managed to erase what makes us apex predators, yet it’s now seen as non-progressive if we long for the “old days.” We’ve created fake leaders evolved from the amount of followers one may have; we’re digital disciples consuming bad meaningless stuff.

You are what you eat.


3 out of 30 men between the ages of 28-34 identified with being a millennial

4 out of 30 women between the ages of 28-34 identified with being a millennial

The word “millennial” is sought after by companies and has been branded as if a millennial knows a secret the older and wiser do not. Knowing how to snap unconscious self-destructing instant photos is praised as opposed to purposeful timed moments.

The Last Generation are the last humans that were born without technology, and the first to experience it. They were born into a world that they had to imagine or go out and experience. They had to speak louder to be heard. They couldn’t google what a place or person looked like, they had to dream it and connect the puzzle pieces. They had to have courage to build relationships instead of text message their feelings and swipe non-contenders. They were travelers in the world who could be whomever they wanted to be without forever being archived on the internet with tags and data.

Although we can technically define what a millennial is all day by a range of numbers, if you are in your 30’s or almost 30, you are not a millennial. It’s not just age that defines if you are or are not a millennial, it’s a state of mind and experience the current youth generation and the future will never be able to see.

Technology is moving at a pace that will only speed up. It’s time to solve the problem of how we consume.

“No, I don’t identify as a millennial. I put on VR glasses and I was taken back. I marveled. That’s the word, marveled! I think we’re the last to marvel at what technology can do. For millennials it’s no big deal. We’re the last GASP enthusiasts. I worry about millennials because they care more about likes and follows with evolving technology. They’re using technology as narcissistic tools… they’re using it for the wrong things.” – Allie Krummel, 29, Facebook/Instagram Team

Just because you can take a selfie doesn’t mean you’re a millennial… Parents take selfies now and text. Being part of The Last Generation doesn’t mean you aren’t a millennial, but rather you’re a hybrid. With true millennials you will always be a little on the outside, which is good, you know something they don’t… That’s power.


What is The Last Generation


The Last Generation. Are you in? Here’s how to know…

  • If you long to write with your hands
  • Or if you can write with your hands
  • You still feel like you need to be married by 30 with a house and successful job
  • You don’t have a retirement fund, but you’re ready to start one
  • You felt tacky about using emojis but now you use them all the time and they are your preferred digital language
  • You still feel 24, but not really because 24 year olds are a different breed
  • You feel weird taking and posting a selfie, but you do it anyways and pretend you’re cool with it
  • Spaghetti strap tops were scandalous and revealing in junior high
  • Eminem was life
  • You first pronounced Wi-Fi as Wee-Fee
  • You raced home to watch TRL
  • You use the term “sign out”
  • You infected your first computer with LimeWire and Napster
  • You know was “ASL” means.
  • Dial-up
  • Nokia Faceplates
  • You long for eye contact
  • You text a lot, but want to chuck your phone
  • You delete you dating apps and redownload them the next day
  • You look at your phone all the time and it bothers you
  • You try to set goals to look at your phone less, but it never works out
  • You marvel at technology
  • You’re hungry to get off the grid
  • You were the last to realize college is kind of a scam
  • You have student loans
  • You wonder how you’ll ever be able to afford to buy a home
  • Your parents still pay your cell phone bill
  • You think about how fucked up kids are these days
  • You worry about where the world is going
  • You haven’t taken a nude selfie
  • You’ve only taken one nude selfie and hope it never gets out
  • You remember when it was weird if your parents got a facebook account, and remember the day they got one
  • You remember when Amazon sold text books
  • Cassette players and DVDs
  • Burning CD mix tapes for yo crush
  • Chatrooms! A/S/L?
  • The Real Slim Shady
  • When Britney and the Spice Girls were considered scandalous!
  • Walkie Talkies!
  • When listening in on the other line was real spying.
  • When BRB was a thing
  • When you started to accept hookup culture because hell it’s a culture
  • When you had to be skinny to look skinny in photos
  • Landlines, when someone would have to talk to your parents before they could talk to you
  • Paper dictionaries
  • Love letters and little paper notes (Ben Stoddard if you ever read this, you feel me right now)
  • Calling cards. You could go to Europe without being able to talk to anyone
  • Getting lost, no GPS
  • Colorful iMacs & floppy disks (fucking insane how far we’ve come! I got mad the other days cause my 4TB baby external HD was thicker than my 2TB)
  • Palm Pilots
  • Magic School Bus
  • Children’s books with push buttons that made noises on the side (high tech shit)
  • Nintendo 64. (I am always Yoshi)
  • Nintendo!
  • Are you afraid of the dark?
  • Malls, real shopping malls and foot courts
  • Real world vs Road Rules was the only reality TV that existed
  • We didn’t know anything about celebrities other than they were really good looking
  • N*Sync. Millennials only know Justin, but we knew him when he was.
  • Austin Powers was the most scandalous movie ever

Please feel free to send me your list to add to this. Lets talk & define TLG together.


From the Vaults

Timing is everything. In 2014, I coined the term The Last Generation and did nothing with it for almost three years. I started a “blog” called Etho-Z and wrote two or three articles, then gave up. It just wasn’t my time. It just wasn’t THIS time. I don’t recommend reading into the past, but for the record, here is the written word exactly from 2014. Shit was brewing for years. If anything this shows that when you have something in your gut, when you feel that light, you’ve got to push toward it and be true to you, otherwise someone else is always in line. You have to be ready though and be awake. I was the first to write about Generation Z and the first to write about The Last Generation. Since 2014, other people started to write and talk about it, but I was first and that doesn’t matter because I wasn’t doing. You are what you do! I’m finally doing. Feel free to take a gander into my 2014 Archives by clicking on the hole below, or just move on with your life. 😉

What’s next for TLG Editorial?

Content. After years acting as a secret weapon and creating content and branded identities for other people, Mel Blanchard is manifesting her own. Content, is everything. Being offbeat and believing nothing is impossible is the type of team TLG wants to build. TLG will be hiring editors, innovators, and big thinkers. Pitch TLG anything.

TLG was 100% created, designed, & written by Mel Blanchard.

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