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The Present 2022 †

This Last Gen has been saved. This is our present. As God works on our eyes, we hope to give purpose to our journey and spread critical thought on the apocalypse of today's generation. Here we will discuss spiritual warfare, the tales of moral, dreams, and prayer. We are leading each article The Present is the present.

mere Chivalry.

Hi, welcome to The Last Gen. I’m Melanie, just a random single woman navigating out there in the world in the year 2022, and right now it is a very quiet for me. I might as well be on a desolate planet because I am clearing the noise and just listening to God. It’s currently


The Garden of Flesh and Fruits

Hi, Welcome back to The Last Gen.  I’m Melanie and you are in space where I dream. I am smiling so big right now because I can’t tell you how blessed I feel to be here with you again. It’s a miracle for me to be back. I want to give a special thank you to