lines for boycotting Nutella’s changed recipe

  • Cool, why don’t they just draw a mustache on the Mona Lisa while they’re at it?
  • Less cocoa? We know who you voted for.
  • Nutella was created after WWII due to a cocoa shortage, they tryin to tell us somethin?
  • Don’t sweet it.

lines for combatting Nutella change recipe haters

  • Nutella supports trans-itioning
  • We’re balancing milk and chocolate. =
  • Stop spreading yourself thin
  • We thought you liked
  • You asked and we delivered (photo of mona lisa with nutella moustash)
  • Nutellagate? We don’t flatten, we FATTEN! (fat tom brady)
  • You try finding hazelnuts in your Turkey (responding to hazlenut shortage in Turkey)
  • When it’s time to change, you’ve got to smile… (Mona lisa stash)
  • We thought you loved GOT, so we decided to kill the best part off.
  • We’re boycotting the 1%, so we took 1% of the richness.
  • Ladies haven’t you heard? More fat makes your butt grow
  • Nutella was created after WWII due to a cocoa shortage, we’re just planning for the future. #longetivy
  • Apparently ride or die is no longer a thing?
  • A true fan….
  • Hey now, chill out, there are bigger problems in the world… like

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