A letter from the editor:

The Last Generation was created in 2017 as a thought experiment. During a time before cancel culture and being overly triggered for questioning the status quo, I created TLG to find my voice, style, and to create something from nothing by using all my skills. I wanted to just push boundaries, create magic, and see what struck and stuck. TLG was one of the first to analyze the long term effects of social media, emoji’s as a universal language, what student loan debt does to your eternal soul, dating app culture, ghosting, the currency of likes, controlled psychedelics, crypto hype, the dichotomy of how the left became the right and vice versa, the apocalypse of the last generation, the dangers of idolizing influencers, and billionaires like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos (aka one world order). There are so many predictions made here that came true. I wanted to find the moral to every story and become a light in the dark… but when I look at it now, I feel a lot of darkness from these stories and fear how my words will be interpreted due to the state of the world. In 2020, I retired this site and removed content that no long stat well with me, there is still content I question if I should keep live, but this is my art, my exploration. My heart once lived here. TLG is like a rap album, a relevant exhibition of the times. I’ve grown and changed so much and place God at the center of everything I do. My views on life, writing about the people I care about, politics, and culture have vastly evolved. I choose to live a very private life these days. Maybe one day I’ll come back to this space to create, but for now it’s an archive.

Thank you to everyone around the world who supported this space. You gave me the courage to fly.

Perhaps one day I’ll land. Thank you for stopping by. Thoughts become things, love it everything. Still dreaming of being at ZERO. God bless America.

~Melanie 2021