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The evolution “Mel”

When I started grad school at what was supposed to be the best school in the whole wide world for storytelling, University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts, a.k.a. the biggest student loan scam of all time, I couldn’t get an unpaid internship. I met a human named Jac who unbeknownst to me ended up being Jacquline, a woman. I learned that you are 70 percent more likely to pick up a book with a male author’s name, hence J.K. Rowling (also known as the love my life). With Mel instead of Melanie, I sent my same resume out and got an internship, a scholarship, and accidentally created my very own creative brand from Mel. For professional purposes, I changed my Facebook and Linkedin to Mel, and almost everyone who had ever known me as Melanie, just started to call me Mel… even my own mother (and she doesn’t have Facebook so she stalked me).

The one’s that truly know me, know Melanie and for a long time I forgot who she was. I’ve missed her and she’s back.

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