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Dream Friend.

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Can you be homesick for a place or person you’ve never met? I feel homesick all the time.

We dream. We dream about our dream unjob, a dream home (or apartment cause that’s what us TLG’ers are stuck with), that dream car, the dream wedding, the dream instagramable destination, our dream ultimate self (or at least our dream of how we appear on social media), and our dream love, but does one ever dream about their dream friend? Other people are everything and you are what you think not only of yourself, but what you think of others.

Who do you turn to when you get ghosted by that guy you met by the swipe of your finger? Who do you turn to on holidays when your family isn’t so good? Who do you turn to when your heart gets broken or your rent controlled apartment balcony collapses? You turn to your friends.

If you could have a dream friend, who would that be? What would you do together? What would silence feel like when there was no sound? How would this person support that missing piece… you know that thing you’re homesick for even if you’ve never seen it, or been there, or truly felt it.


The Still Dreamers. The New American Dream, be at ZERO.

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The new American Dream is to be at Zero.

To be at Zero means time. Time means freedom.

“My youth is the foundation of me.” serenades American Teen, Khalid. It’s true. The big house, the fancy car, the ‘perfect’ family are no longer the American Dream. Time is. Travel is. Youth is.

O.G. talk, the term “American Dream” came with a credit line. With great credit comes great debt. Rich or dirt poor, regardless of the life you were born into, if you were born in this great country and worked hard, social mobility was intended to be your right. “Life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement” squabbled the great James Turslow Adams in 1931.

A line of credit was the opportunity for a family to build a good family with a house, a car, and freedom. Think about the first time you were offered a credit card, where did it happen? At a bank or a clothing store? Now a line of credit means you can get 50% deals at GAP.

My student loan debt was worth it.

Please Listen. Watch. Feel.

It took writing this article to get that it was all worth it, even though I’m under qualified or over qualified for every job I apply for in 2018. I took out student loans at 16 age for my dreams.

Why is it we barely remember our actual dreams when we wake, but we describe our deepest wants and desires with the use of the word “dream”? Can you really follow a dream?

What about the still dreamers? Aren’t you still dreaming? Or has Kanye’s cruel world crushed what you thought was once possible? Nothing is impossible, but not for everyone. Nothing is impossible for me. Nothing is impossible for Kayne West. Nothing is impossible for that kid that thinks he’s a robot and a dragon and invisible. For those of you who no longer dream, it’s true, there is a lot that is impossible. KEEP READING👀

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