The Adventures of Albino Rose & Mocha


After the apocalypse they existed underneath the earth – the Albinos🐁, the once wases, and other erstwhile creatures that evolved into the dark from the last gen above🕳. Dancing in a cave to a found iPhone XX of the past📱and wearing patched up with thing-a-magier parts Beat headphones 🎧charged by the ooze from the old world danced the form of a small girl.

This track goes with the feeling of this article. N in Paris by Jay Z & Kanye West

She was lit by sporadic sparking electronics fossilized into the earth’s walls. She was jammin’ to some Jay-Z, but had no idea what ‘N in Paris’ meant. All she knew of Paris was from what she puzzled together by sunken-from-above phones she found along her many adventures in the pitch black and all she knew of Ni**s was she loved every song with the word in it. 👁🦎She had big chameleon bug eyes with a slant, white translucent skin, a plump face with rosey pink cheeks and long white hair that was alive. Her hair was it’s own living entity, it lit up and changed colors when she felt something. In the midst of her boomeranging her hips, the iPhone XX beeped. She looked at the screen and the wallpaper was of a woman showing her butt🍑.

“Yeesh, another butt girl. That juicy booty has gotta hurt. Wouldn’t be able to dip you dip we dip with that!”

she giggled and imagined her butt getting stuck when trying to explore into the unknown. From looking at the phone light, a reptile like skin covered her iris and low battery notification popped up. “No! No! No!”she freaked. Her hair lit and zapped red. “I was ballin’ so hard! Don’t let me get outta my zone!!! 99 problems and this stupid thing is one!” She throws the phone into a small hollow along the cave wall that was filled with the ooze.  “This one is important!” she mumbles to the ooze. The phone charges instantly. She grabs the phone covered in ooze and it speaks, “Konichiwa, Rose. It is almost 8:08.”

“Mocha! Mochy Mochy Pumpkin Butt!” Rose calls.

“Mocha!” the cave echos.

“Mocha!” Rose’s heart drops. “Where are you?” she whimpers.

Rose is spotlit with by an orange light and she then lets out a sigh of relief. She squints looking at the light and the light fades into two tiny orange eyes👀. Behind the eyes is a shadow of a small overly fluffy creature with a smushed face, a real diamond on it’s forehead, and a long fluffy tail swaying around.

“There you are!” she lets out with love. “Don’t do that. No more time traveling, I don’t want you to get lost in time.”

Mocha comes closer and vibrations come from her.

“Are you ready?” She picks Mocha up and together both their hair lights up and inter-connects. Rose’s red heart glows and her heart light can be seen through her clear skinned chest.❤️

Today was the day for Rose. It was her birthday and she had found a map on this Jay-Z filled phone with photos of Butt Girls, it was the map that was going to lead her out of the dark. She had followed other maps and emoji directions before, but this one revealed much more than the others. Rose had seen the old world through buried iPhones and dreamt of IT; of light in the darkness.

At 8:08am, today was going to be the day Rose left one familiar place of darkness and entered many others in search of sunlight. She thought, “It has to be real.”

This is the Adventures of Albino Rose and Mocha.

For Mocha.

Today, September 20, I am still 29. I’m sitting in an airplane on my way to the Utopian version of America.🇨🇦 I’ve lived with the story of The Adventures of Albino Rose and Mocha since March 11, 2011, the day Mocha died. I always said one day I’ll write it. I told you all I made a plan for my life and this is part of it, it’s part of my purpose. I’m scared to put this story out there because scared someone might steal it, but my heart and soul just wants to put it out there as a reminder that I must finish it and soon. Now I can say that in my 20s, I started to write what I promised Mocha I would write. I dreamt of Albino Rose all these years and I didn’t realized I had become her. Timing is everything… Mocha is just somewhere lost in time.

Thanks for being here at The Last Gen. 👁 love you.

The Moral

This one will be for you to figure out along the adventure we’re about to go on. Light your own way.

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Happy first day of fall.🍂🍁🌕

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