The Subtle Art of Pretending to Protest


As protestors flock into Washington DC for tomorrow’s (October 4, 2018) much larger protest than last week and the entire country believes headlines and what they see in photos with #hashtags, you probably should know the truth 👁behind what September 27th, 2018 was really like.

DC Protests are a likers paradise, a lurkers play pin, and an internet troll’s live dream post stream.

She was the E and I was the S, the last S in the word ABUSERS. On a true humid demon mosquito filled night in the south, I found myself in front of the White House with ‘peaceful’ protesters called the Kremlin Annex; they refer to Trump as Putin’s assistant. They had been protesting for 72 days straight. Each night a very dedicated group of what appeared to be seniors in lime vests holds up happily lit letters with a new word or phrase and a really cool smooth criminally guy sings in a mic while the letter holders do the wave. From “Cover Up” to “Perjury” to “Call In FBI.” With a mere 900 followers on Facebook and in a time of demmies and flatulators and #hashtags, it’s odd that no one really knows about the Kremlin Annex. They dance in front of White House every night for phucks sake. I showed up on the full moon’s eve of the word “Abusers.”

Never did I expect that night to lead me down the extremist road into doing everything I’m against – shapeshifting. For the better half of a day, I became a marching follower because I was lost in a city where so many advertise leaders. Since Zoe Barns couldn’t make it to the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, I’m filling in.👋🏾

Hi, I’m Melanie, a reporter for your Post, yeah I write about all the shit you post. The truth is, and I will never lie to you here, it was my first time and night in this nation’s capital and while frustrated for personal reasons I was touristing around looking for the White House. I walked past a white house and thought, “No way, that’s not the White House. It’s so tiny, that must be where Melania lives, plus there are like five people out here and there’s no secret service, and where the fuck is Sinbad (you know you’re 30 when First Kid’s was your favorite movie)?” Without giving the iconic building a second glance I kept walking and looking for the White House. Twenty minutes later I googled “The White House” and to my ignorance and American stupidly, I cowarded with embarrassment  and whispered in my mind,

“Thank god no one will ever know I didn’t know what the White House looked like.

I thought the Capitol Building was the White House. Oops.

Back to Abusers, after finding myself back at the teeny tiny house, it wasn’t like what you see in the news or in movies, there were maybe thirty people out front. One lady assured it was considered a crowded night. The Kremlin Annex was there and asked for volunteers to hold the letters in protest. My body reacted faster than my mind because I’ll admit it since Brett Kavanaugh can’t, I blacked out.

My resistance to narcissistic social media was put on hold when I saw the girl holding letter E streaming a Facebook Live sesh. 🤳🏽By the way she was reporting on the scene, she seemed like an ‘influencer’ with millions watching. I was dancing around taking live video selfies on my facebook chanting chants and feeling like I was important for just one moment while a whole three people watched my shit. I didn’t even know what I was protesting, for me it was just for the sake of being free to do what I wanted in front of a very powerful palace. “Are you coming Thursday?” asked Letter E? Letter E is this beautiful woman who looks 30 max and shows every sign that she just got IT, you know, politics. Even though I’ve never heard her speak about the current events or actual facts, I presumed she was informed and that she was a leader. She’s the type of person that walks into a room and you wonder what she’s up to for no reason other than because it looks like she’s doing something.

“What’s Thursday?” I responded.

“The Brett Kavanaugh hearing! Do you know who that is? You have to come!”

“Oh yeeeeah! The guy nominated that’s accused of sexual assault. I’m so there, wouldn’t miss it.” That was all I really knew. Like most in sunny SoCal, I had read a bit about him, knew he was conservative, highly intelligent, a threat to abortion rights, and that women were coming forward claiming sexual assault. I didn’t know much about how a Supreme Court judge was elected, that there were two senators to every state, and that being a Supreme Court justice was for life.🤯 I understood that before he had a chance to speak he was being crucified, but I didn’t know how bad it was until the day of his hearing/trail; this was no surprise. Whether right or wrong, we crucify men every single day now for the sake of #MeToo. I know this is a touchy subject, I stand with women 100%, but something feels icky about how easy we can destroy a life without facts and how quickly we pick sides. Trump is trying to reformat #MeToo and if we continue to make a mockery of it, he’ll win. We live in a time of internet trolls, words have meaning and no one really thinks about the chain reaction of hashtags and over sensationalized media. Yesterday Trump said, “It’s a scary and difficult time for young men,” but it’s always been a scary time for young women (and black men) and walking a street at night alone is a gender privilege. Not all women are truthful and clearly men aren’t either and our justice system has failed us if we need to scream at senators in front of cameras inside the Capitol to be heard. Letter E wore a KavaNo shirt and her overall sense of assurance assured me this Kava-whatever guy needed to be burned at the steak. This topic and seeking the moral of it all fascinates me, so naturally I was in and my shape was shifting inside the DOM.

We added each other on Facebook and the next three days of my life were how you say, unspiritual. Every type of person I try to not to be was in Washington DC, bare with me here.

I and the tiny Kremlin Annex Crowd bopped around and chanted “Love Trumps Hate!” and “No means No!,” but then came something about “Putin’s Putang” and after repeating it twice I stopped, it didn’t feel right and for sure not ‘peaceful.’ To me being an American that fights for what is right doesn’t require bullshit or putang. When negativity stirs the pot, what you eat will never taste good. When I stopped chanting I said “I don’t think I believe in the phrase.” and one of the Kremlin Annex organizers heard me and rejected my facebook friend request after. Later I looked at my facebook stories and my night looked so much bigger than what it was. I questioned why I felt the need to post that story and my answer is I did it because like many narcissistic ‘stories’, it made me feel powerful by making my whole three viewers feel like they were missing out. This is a form of unconscious ‘storytelling’ that I’m very much against.

Letter E’s facebook stories were unreal but SO real. For the next day she managed to take selfies with some of the most powerful people in this country and all I questioned was “How the hell does she know what they even look like?” She was right where the action was, sleeping by the Capitol building, but I don’t think she ever slept. WITH NO EXAGGERATION, in two days she managed to take photos with and enter the offices of Chuck Grassley, Lindsey Graham, that Flake guy, Mitch McConnell, Doug Jones, Dianne Feinstein, Chris Coons, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, the eloquent Richard Blumenthal, and fucking Alyssa Milano to just name a fraction. She attending meetings, vigils, protests, and the fucking Kremlin Annex every night. Her live facebook story footage was only seen by around 15 people and yet she had more access than any newscaster in the country. There is no documentation like hers. She had a different shirt with a message on for each event and to my biggest surprise she was almost 40 and a dynamic super mother of four young children.

Chapter: Remember remember the 27th of September.

The sun had not yet risen over Washington DC, it was 5am and I had planned to get to Dirksen Senate Office Building where the hearing was going to be extra early. Turns out judicial hearings are open to the public and are usually held in the bigger room next door at the Hart Senate Building, but to keep the circus small, ‘they’ chose to having the Brett Kavanaugh vs. Christine Blasey Ford trial in a smaller room. I checked my facebook and Letter E was already there at 4am. Her presence made me get the fuck up out of bed and physically sprint to the Capitol.

On my way there I was so mad at myself for not waking up earlier, she was a mom of four and got the phuck up. Everything she posted on Facebook seemed exciting and rebellious and when there’s a keep out sign, I’m the first to run past it. I thought, there’s got to be thousands outside by now. I arrived and there were maybe 40 people waiting in line, maybe 40.

Letter E was on the other side of the building at a different entrance where she was given a check-in number. As I waited in line watching her live stories I felt like I was missing out on what was happening on the other side of the building. When the doors opened, I got inside quickly with no problem and the catch was, the public wasn’t allowed in the hearing, they were allowed in the “overflow” room three floors up from the hearing to watch from tv’s. The only public allowed in was family, celebrities like Alyssa Milano (whoever the fuck that is), press, and a lot of fffflatulence.💨💨💨

I stood in the middle of this very modern building with 1984 qi and a woman in her 60s who was in line with me earlier approached with three other women, one young with dreadlocks, one blonde clean cut conservative, and one pretty basic. I figured they were there to protest Kavanaugh too.

“We keep crossing paths and I feel called to you right now. Do you believe in Jesus?”

I stood right here by this dark sculpture thingy with the apostles appeared.

I had no idea what was about to happen, but the world is my oyster and good stories happen when you let them happen and I was feelin some type of magic was about to go down.

“Sort of…” I immediately felt my past year and remembered when I screamed at God for help in a jungle in Kauai and he answered. “I don’t know about Jesus, but I believe in praying and the power of prayer.” From that moment I was surrounded with intense attention.

“Well I’m Linda R. Herbert and I’m a pastor from the Covenant Life Church and Jesus is telling me to talk to you, specifically you. Do you have a moment? Go ahead and record this if you’d like.”

Recording of Jesus... or Linda R. Herbert

I pulled out my phone and started to record the audio you hear above. Unfortunately Letter E called me in the middle so my recorder stopped, but you’ll get it. Linda FORETOLD me. She said Jesus was talking to her and in precise detail she told me what I was struggling in life but that Jesus was with me and my life was about to take off. At first I smirked at the presumable Jesus scam, but then she went so deep that either my mom planted a microphone in her ear or she was straight magic. 🧙🏼‍♀️✨ She spoke of me in specifics, said I was given a gift🎁 that I recently started to use and it was important I used it on a larger platform (cough The Last Gen, cough). She must of have talked for ten minutes before she turned the microphone to the girl with dreadlocks. She was white, dreaded and felt kind. She told me that I was a storyteller, a possible graphic designer and writer and I was in search of the TRUTH and I needed to continue to use my weapon to search for the truth. Funny because I refer to my writing as my weapon and the point of TLG is to find the moral to every story. She said in the next two weeks I will be given THREE very important options and one will be bad.🔮She seemed like more of a medium rather than the voice of Jesus, but I guess there isn’t much of a difference because the divine is the divine. Then after each woman talked to me through God they did a FINAL CALLING, they all touch my shoulders and joined hands and Pastor Linda put her entire hand on my head and like what you see on tv she called upon Jesus and I was blessed and I thought a beam of light was going to come down on me and I was going to explode💣💥🙏🏾. There are no words for this. It literally happened in the middle of the Senate Building, like no joke. There was a moment when I recalled a cult documentary doing something similar, but then I told myself to stop, listen, and enjoy! We parted ways and I never once looked at what they were wearing. They were good women, whatever they believed in, they were good to me.

Letter E called me again and told me to come to Chuck Grassley’s office to protest. I didn’t know who da phuck Chuck Grassley was but I story timed it anyways. The group of us colorful looking gender/non-gender feminists were not let inside, but Pastor Linda and the three other apostles walked right in and that’s when I heard a girl in the group I was ‘with’ go crazy.

“They’re wearing FOR Kavanaugh shirts!”

My first reaction was, OMG did they just play me? Was I on camera?

The girl went on, “How can women wear FOR Kavanaugh shirts! They’re pro-rapists! They’re racists! That one with the dreads, she has dreads! What the fuck!” Another girl screams, “That’s the racist part about her, the dreads! She has no right to have dreads. Cultural Appropriation!” They started to yell at the kind women I had just met and before you know it Letter E was zipping away to Kamala Harris’s office and the screaming girls, the group of colorful protestors, and myself followed her. As we reached Kamala Harris’s office I sensed something was off. The screaming girls started to cry like ‘FANGIRLS,’ they were such fans of Kamala Harris that they began to cry by just entering her office without her there. You could compare them to a girls who would freak over Justin Bieber. To feel that passionate about someone is a beautiful thing, but they looked maybe 22 and it seemed overkill… but maybe I’m in the wrong. I barely knew who California’s state senators were and they did, so crying over the lady might have precedent, but already I felt the extremes. When I asked one of the girls why she loved Harris so much she said “She’s half Indian like me, a woman, and in the Senate.” Policies and beliefs were never mentioned. We all left post-it notes in her office, I took a Cliff Bar and wrote down “, Thoughts become things” in her guestbook.

Kamala Harris’s guestbook!

The super fan girls also made it in a photo in the New York Times, crying.

NY Times Featured photo of overflow room and crying girls

Question: Do all feminists have to be liberal?

I’m learning there are subcultures to 2018 feminists from buttgirls who like to #hashtag #feminist but prostitute their bodies for likes, internet bullies,  the truly educated, the real doers, and lastly the followers who feel the need to have a label but aren’t sure where they stand.

Letter E storms to the Supreme Court and we follow her. She tosses me a sharpie to write on my hand and I copy her, “We Believe You.”

She jumps in front of cameras with a group of women in silence with their hands sharpied up. I got into the photo, stood there and then Melanie, my true self smacked me in the face, “Why the fuck am I doing this?” Yes I wasn’t well informed and educated on the case, but there was something much more troubling, why were strangers all following Letter E, including myself? I believe Christine Blasey Ford and without protestors she would have been treated like Anita Hill, and many of the women there were victims of sexual assault and understood what being unheard feels like, but I didn’t know where I stood and the trial hadn’t even started yet.

I walked away from this photo. Photo by Chris Owens, Shutterstock

Why did I want to get into a photo with people I may or may not want to stand with? Photos can haunt you for life yet alone what you write in a yearbook. This Brett Kava-whatever guy hadn’t even spoken yet and women were making him out to be Bill Cosby, it’s true. Look everyone feels the way they feel, but if I was just following along,so  how many others were too? I felt like if Letter E left my sight, I’d be lost and wouldn’t know what was going on or what building to go to next, but the truth was, she was winging it. She just talked to everyone, recorded every moment, kept moving and welcomed anyone that wanted to join.

The Daily Beast’s Sam Stein just reported on a protester from last week that is a victim of sexual assault. She said, “I had no idea what I was supposed to do. I came and found the activists leaders and I said to them: What do you want me to do, I’ll do it?” This is the problem, following people and doing anything for them because you’re lost. You can’t just determine if a random stranger is a good a leader in a day and of all places one should be most careful at the Nation’s Capitol. I was her but I found my way.

You know that lovely Kanye song that says “You’re such a fucking hoe, I love it?” Well the feeling I got was if you blasted the song during the protest one woman would start to move her hips, then another, and then before you know it there would be a choreographed dance on the forbidden steps of Supreme Court. Call my vision awful, but just this past weekend my dream of the hypocrisy dance aired on SNL and aside from a few Twitter rants, most just enjoyed it. I’m a sick phuck, I only aim to offend offenders. Fucking uber feminist Roxane Gay admitted in a TED talks that she can’t help but dance to dirt nasty hip-hop. 

This track goes with the feeling of this article. I love it By Kanye West ft. Lil Pump

I decided to go be my own person and head back to Dirksen.

When I got inside I saw that around ten people from the Women’s March organization was there, they were all wearing Melania’s Forever 21 style green jacket with the phrase “November is coming” on their backs. For those of you (Los Angelinos) who didn’t know, like myself, November the supposed the most important election to date. I talked to one Women’s March gal, Sandy, who had just moved to DC and she told me she joined Women’s March a few days before and explained that they strategically plan when their protesters would get arrested. How stupid of me to think they just got arrested by surprise or out of passion. They train protestors on how and what to chant. Their protest strategy was carefully planned from when to wave their hands in protest to when to blow whistles to when to wear their edgy jackets (they sure looked great on the Washington Post and IG).

Sandy asked me if I wanted tape. I asked why and she said “I THINK it’s to put on your mouth for when we silently protest.” So I took a piece of sticky black plastic and put in on my mouth for a selfie, but again something felt so wrong, like I violated myself… I thought we were supposed to use our voices? There were other women asking what the tape was for and minutes later it was on their mouths too. I get it looks shocking… The photo made the New Yorker.

Kavanaugh supporters had nicely designed shirts on with a serif font, they looked planned out. I never once saw a supporter verbally abuse a leftist protester. I thought liberals were supposed to support the 1st* amendment, yet women in Kavanaugh shirts were screamed at. Planned Parenthood was there too, they gave me a shirt that I’ve been proudly wearing to convince myself it was okay to go to Planned Parenthood at 13. Buttons were made and given out freely and yet still there was a sense of disorganization and no one really knew what was happening. The basic plan was to occupy the building in protest and get in front of cameras. Every time I asked a Women’s March protester in uniform what was happening next, I got the response was “I’m not sure. I know at noon we’re going to the Monument.” Then I asked, “Well is anyone going to watch the actual hearing?” and a few responded, “No I think we’re supposed to stay in here…” I questioned who was actually thinking on their own.

I went and got a pumpkin spiced latte and watched the hearing on my own at Ebinezers… I started to feel like my own person again… I first listened. I learned that I believe her and despite if Kavanaugh is innocent or not, his grotesque rage, dodging of questions, and uncalled for remarks were enough. He’s long sat in a position of power and forgotten what it feels like to be on the other side.‬ ✊🏾We need to build a better foundation for how we raise boys. “Boys will be boys” is a culture we’ve normalized and needs to be approached differently.

The Truth

(this video shows protestors BEFORE the hearing. This is around the max amount of protestors in Washington DC on Sept 27, 2018. They moved locations and news casters followed them making it look like DC was filled with protesters)

Without protestors being in front cameras and without the live footage of a woman screaming at Senator Flake in an elevator, an FBI investigation would have never happened. If there were no protesters in support of Dr. Ford at the nation’s Capitol and Dr. Ford still had her hearing, then the outcome would be have been very different.

The bigger truth starts with a question.

How did that women find Senator Flake in an elevator? How did and does Letter E manage to get access to the nations most powerful leaders? How was I able to walk into Kalama Harris’s office and jack a Cliff Bar? To answer, there weren’t that many people there and there’s not a whole lot of security.

The blunt truth is all the crazy protests you saw on the news weren’t all that crazy. Letter E managed to get her photo in the New York Times, the Washington Post, USA Today, all over IG, and so many other outlets. How? Yes, she was September 27th’s most prominent unreported vigilante that made sure she was in the action and jumped in front of every camera including her own, but out of all the people in this hugeee country, there weren’t even enough protestors to fill the Dirksen building full. Had there been a birds-eye-view camera and a reporter with another agenda, you would have seen a building only a third full. The protestors moved from one location to the other and cameras followed making it look like Washington DC was being overrun by angry women, but with a little speed and hunger, getting into a Senator’s office and taking a selfie with him/her is easier than getting into a producer’s office in Hollywood. If you look closely, all over the press, the same women are in the different photos by several outlets.

So what does this all mean? In two days Letter E secured private funding through donations to rent housing in DC for this week’s protests. Social media claims the protests will be “crazier” than last week. She will be housing over 40 women who are disabled, handicap, or who need accommodation to be in DC for the protests. She’s a powerhouse and not only was she at a Planned Parenthood event today in her home state New York, she was at a democratic meeting yesterday, and her presence and documentation of the hearing is so rare that it gives her power. Information is power. But what real information does she have? Now 40 new women will be following her around DC chanting, good or bad, in a sea of social media ‘influencers’ we must start to consider who we follow. Everyone on facebook who saw my posts suddenly thought I was well informed and a political beast that came to DC for politics, this is shamefully untrue. Last night, without question or a please or a thank you Letter E had me designing a sketch of Her face for Her newly founded facebook group with no mention of the word We. The New York Times featured a photo of her. She wanted me to replicate it as a sketch because as she put it, it was “iconic,” so without question I adjusted and adjusted until it was perfect. Why did I do this, I never do free work? It was because I was following someone in fear that if I didn’t, I’d be missing out and I wouldn’t be invited to the awesome party she was throwing in DC.

Narcissistic or not, I’d want people to know who I was too if I was that active and raised funding for 40 women in two days. She’s fucking incredible. Still at this moment I’m figuring out how I can help Her, rather than really thinking of how to help the women. What does that say about me? I know nothing about her politics except that on Thursday there’s a women’s march and she announced that the 40 women she is housing will follow her and go “BALLS TO THE WALL against Kavanaugh and the Republican Senators.” When I asked her what she thought about what if Kavanaugh didn’t get confirmed and about that one super conservative Amy Coney Barrett (had to google her name), she responded “I don’t know. Hopefully it would get pushed till after the midterms.” She didn’t know much about her. I was surprised because if this girl doesn’t know, then no one does! I reviewed all her stories again and all she talks about where she is at the current moment, stop Kavanaugh, and what senator she got a photo with… no factual politics. I think what Letter E is doing is admirable, self serving, rare, super, good, for the cameras, and that she embodies all the qualities of a politician. In two days she gained over 200 followers on facebook and counting, raised thousands and will have a culture of 40 people standing by her side come Thursday. Someone give this girl the podium. 

FYI NEWS to everyone, on Monday October 1, 2018, Trump told the media that he ordered the FBI to do the most complex investigation possible, but they only have until Friday. Up until today he’s refrained from attacking Dr. Ford, but he just went on the lowest “I don’t know” attack he’s ever flagulated. The leader of this country openly mocked a woman who was sexually assaulted. Why is he all loosey goosey now? Well, Trump is actually not stupid and House of Cards is real. We’re, I mean extreme protestors, are being played. No one is talking about Doctor Christine Blasey Ford’s flaws. Her testimony seemed honest, I do believe an investigation should have happened, I believe sexual assault allegations 1000% need to be taken serious, and she may be a good woman, but no one is perfect and I put money on there’s ‘dirt’ on her too. Trump’s got dirt on her. She said she didn’t like flying but flies all around the world for vacations. Like Kavanaugh, exaggerations were made. If Kavanaugh doesn’t get confirmed, we must question why Trump is at ease. To me the prediction is obvious, if there isn’t dirt on Ford, then he’ll rush confirm Amy Coney Barrett by having exhausted extremists and the entire senate. If there’s anything we’ve learned, it’s that that Grassley dude has no patience. The process will be rushed.

The truth is a theory. If only a few are standing where something is happening, then they’re the only ones that can say they saw it and you have to take their word for it.

Regardless of what you stand for, on September 27th not that many people were in Washington DC and they interstellered the course of history. We’re all trollin IG and skimming headlines, but there are Letter A’s, B’s, U’s, S’s, E’s, R’s, S’s in Washington this week that will have their way because you just weren’t there… probably because you have a real job 🤯

If September 27th was considered a wild protest, then I’m disappointed.

The Moral 

They all say, “Be part of history,” but wouldn’t you rather be part of the future?

Think for yourself before you follow.

Not everyone is a leader, and it’s important to not follow someone around just because you don’t know where else to go. Ask questions about what street’s they’ve been on and what they like to eat before just going. If you do go, leave when you’re just not feelin it anymore because no one really cares what you do.

Listen respectfully, we’re all just people.

If you really have no clue, go to a coffee shop, use their free Wi-Fi to educate yourself for an hour, and think about what you want. Ebineezer’s in DC is a good place to start.


Hey, like I said, I will never lie here and like I always say, I’m a hypocrite at the top of her game.  I wish so badly I could be in DC tomorrow, but paying my rent took precedent over the country. A month ago, on a date with yet another asshole, I told him I felt called to move to DC. When he asked why I was blunt, “I want to get smarter.” Four days in the nation’s Capitol made me smarter. In the past week I’ve never crammed more information in my head. I can explain the entire Supreme Court election process and have analyzed the radicalism of protesters and how to master manipulate them because the majority are clueless and looking for someone to follow. We’re all in search of a king. From being prophesied by a pastor to Letter E to Trump to Senators to Social Media ‘Influencers’, I’m lucky I have the strength to think on my own, but so many don’t and fall into chanting about things they may not agree with. I gravely worry for today. My soul rejects this whole left right dem thing. Just because someone is a conservative doesn’t mean they don’t care about women. Last week after listening to each Senator’s compelling arguments my mind kept changing, why? Because I’m politically uneducated and because I’m simply human with an open mind looking for the good in people. No matter how many beers and farts and disturbing huffs and puffs, it comes down to how someone makes you feel. I don’t feel Brett Kavanaugh is the right person to defend the constitution. I will not tape my mouth shut again. Here at TLG we’re neither left or right, we’re just in search of what’s right and wrong.

Since I can’t be in DC I guess I’ll watch letter E’s live stories. You probably should too.

Side Note

Every time I fucking write about something, the New York Times writes about it a week later! They wrote an entire thing on the Shapeshifter... I wrote about the Shapeshifter two weeks ago, it kills me. Really hope this writing thing takes off one day.

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I reconnected with Pastor Linda R. Herbert and her CV is the most respectable.

  • She is a 911 survivor
  • She is married, 57, and a 2015 retired active duty Army Colonel
  • She spent a year in Iraq during combat and was awarded a bronze star and a combat action badge
  • She has a PHD in counseling, 4 Masters degrees, and is currently pursuing another Masters in Divinity
  • She is also a pastor of a church near DC and has been pastoring for over 20 years

Holy shit! Please excuse my language but my jaw just dropped.

She also told me that the girl with dreads was not a medium, but rather a messenger from God. Mediums are the devil. I believe!

October 5, 2018 – I am ashamed to have even supported Letter E. Today she showed her true colors of just wanting to be famous. I see the beginnning stages of her group as the start of a cult. Give lost women free housing and food and they shall follow what appears positive. With a selfie of Women’s March founder Bob Bland, Amy Schumer and some other celeb plastered on her FB banner, she’s proven to be a bigger camera hungry narcissist protest groupie then I could have ever imagined. From jumping in front of cameras to making in the news several times her interviews have lacked and factual statements. Just this morning she was inside Senator Mitch McConnell’s office and outside of his home with other protestors doing keg stands and harassing his office staff. They asked kindly for her group to turn off cameras and they disrespected that inside the nation’s Capitol and called herself “the people’s military on the ground” when doing so. She made the news, so she must feel her mission was accomplished. What she and her groupies have is CAMERA COURAGE. She’s famous now and what a difference she made on the vote!

I am ashamed to have supported this group and believed it was respectable. These acts do not represent Dr. Ford, the dignity of women who have experienced sexual assault, nor all women who oppose Kavanaugh.


I told ya’ll I fore tell the future. Not only did Letter E get a podium to speak at in DC but Donald Trump Junior Retweeted a video of her, Alethea Torrellas Shapiro, bird dogging Senator Bill Cassidy. I wrote about her first, before the mayhem… Finger always on the pulse! I tell you, she’s a bullshitter to watch.

They keep coming. Mean girls make the news. Major newspaper outlets using photos that contradict their titles. Here’s a photo of a woman who mocked other women just for the shirts they were wearing.


Letter E read this article and contacted me and my heart couldn’t help feel like a terrible human. She was respectful and I respect her for contacting me. Regardless of my stance on how the protests were handled, I admire her for feeling so strongly about something. She’s doing more than most. Camera courage is still a form of courage, she’s a mother of four, and if anything I wish my mom would have showed half the balls she showed. I’m conflicted and if anything wish her and everyone well, good safety, and to be kind. We’re a nation that turns information into poison and we all must be careful what we consume and spit back out. We’re all human, just be kind.

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