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Becoming Carnivore


A carnivore is king, a predator that preys on other animals before eating their flesh. A carnivore survives by eating other animals. A carnivore is a hunter, a killer of a life seeking to survive. To hunt and kill, a carnivore must embody of qualities camouflage, patience, intuition of knowing when to pounce, a quiet slither, speed, tactic, and the ability to fight.

Becoming Carnivore, tlg, The Last Generation, Mel Blanchard Gong, predator, prey, luxury, lazy, evolution, life, circle of life, food chain

Eat or be eaten…But what happens when you eat too much?

Once upon a time, there was a man in a hot dusted desert. He slept under the moon at night, hunted buried animals by day, shared his kill with women, ate, mated, and slept. His sole suppose was to survive. Providing was secondary. He was always a little hungry, which kept him motivated to hunt, which kept his mind fast and body strong. He was king. If he heard a rattling snake, he would pause, wait for the air to still, and in an instant he would grab the rattled tail straight out of the dirt and tare it off with his hands and rip it’s body with his teeth. A smart prey does not make noise before it dies; it stays focused so it might survive. When it realizes it’s going to die, it lets go. The hunter has no fear because he has nothing to lose; that snake is his hunt for the day. One day as the sun began to set, a wild dust storm picked up and this man wondered starving and lost until rain began to fall. The water cleared the air and this man found we was in a moist green jungle next to a waterfall with birds, monkeys, the sounds of the growling wild, and fruits falling from trees. So hungry, he picked up the fruit and started to eat it. He jumped in the water and bathed. Everything he needed was right in this spot. He never had to move too far to find food and had quickly forgotten that he once provided for others and that they might be hungry to. His hard desert feet softened, along with his body. He still hunted, but with the waterfall alone, there were plenty of fish that he could grab by hand. Fruit kept falling from trees, so he kept eating it because it was simply there and tasted so sweet. Time passed and one night as the man laid out in the open- he heard a howl, a growl, and then nothing. His instinct told him to survive, but he had never been hunted before and could not see in the dark. Through the jungle he ran and tumbled and bled because his feet had become soft. Not knowing what was chasing him, he ran from it all night instead of chasing it back. Unlike the rattling snake, he wasn’t hungry anymore, he forgot he was a king hunter that could fight back. He ran into the twilight and with sore muscles he hadn’t used in some time, he climbed up a tree and heard the beastly animal that was chasing him scratch at the tree all night. He eventually fell asleep and when he awoke he was in a bed with a white fluffy down comforter and a dog scratching at the side. His iPhone alarm clock went off and he pushed snooze; his dog began to bark. He yells “Shut up, Tom Brady,” so Tom the dog shuts up and takes a piss by his bed. The man’s iPhone alarm goes off and he rolls and plops his feet on the floor. His soft pale white foot steps in pee. “Mother fucker.” He looks in the mirror. He’s shirtless in boxers and has a beer belly and a half bald-head. He squints trying to gain focus, but can’t so he reaches for his glasses branded with the Snapchat logo. He looks at his phone, sees he has four new Tinder matches and smirks. He looks at the photos of the women and messages the one with the biggest boobs. He writes, “Hey.” He then opens his Roomba app and directs the Roomba to come over and clean up the dog pee. He goes to his kitchen, drinks a soylent, takes bacon strips out of a styrofoam plate covered in plastic and fries it. He puts a keruig cup in his coffee machine as he tosses out the old plastic cup from yesterday. He opens a can with a William-Sonoma auto-can opener and pours a can of meaty dog food into Tom Brady’s bowl. Tom has a doggy fountain that filters water like a revolving waterfall. The man gets ready for work, hops in his driverless Tesla, goes into his office and sits. He orders a beef burrito and a cookie from Uber Eats and eats at his desk. He swipes more woman on Tinder, texts messages his mom “I’m busy,” and never once opens his office window blinds to look outside. At the end of the day he steps outside of his office and takes a deep breath of the night air and thinks, “dam that feels good.” He goes into the bar next door and meets the Tinder woman with big boobs. She looks nothing like her photos, in fact he thinks she is fat, and although she tries to make conversation, he can’t stop staring at his phone. He buys her a drink before bouncing. As he walks back to his car while staring at his phone and never looking up, he doesn’t realize someone is following him in the dark. He hears footsteps running toward him and something deep and distant within him says “danger.” He starts to run, but the person following him runs faster and not even after a block he is already he is out of breath. “Give me your phone or I’ll shoot you.” So huffing and puffing he drops his phone and runs to his Tesla. Sweating bullets, he pushes a few buttons and his Telsa drives him to the nearest T-Mobile store. He pulls out his credit card and buys another iPhone, downloads Snapchat and tells everyone on Snapchat how he had just ran for his life, got robbed by a gang and made it out alive after throwing some punches. He goes home, warms up a pepperoni pizza and eats it all in one sitting while looking at his phone. He lays in bed, watches some porn, jerks off, and falls asleep. The next morning and for months to come, on every Tinder date and at work, he talks about how he survived. He survived.

We are the only species in the animal kingdom that consumes more than we need. We are the only species that drinks from another animal’s utters. In a short time in the 200,000 year span of human civilization, we’ve become dependent on our phones rather than our minds. We don’t even feel okay if we lose our phones yet alone accidentally leave it in the other room. This is how things are now, and they won’t change, but they can improve. If our phones are what feed us, then maybe the ingredients can be updated. We are eating more than just too much food. You are what you eat and we are eating unhealthy information we do not need that is just too much for our bodies and minds to healthily digest.

I’m constantly hungry and always too full. Both my mind and thighs will never be skinny. For 11 years I didn’t eat meat thinking I was doing something good for animals and myself. I wasn’t skinny then and I’m not now. I remember the day I started to crave bacon, it was two years ago, so I went to Whole Foods and bought some preservative free bacon and ate it. It was that easy. I ate it almost every day for a month and never once thought about the past 11 years of not having it. I had become a carnivore again, but I was always a carnivore, eating more than what I needed. The principle I lived by was wrong.

I was always a fat king with or without bacon.

To be a carnivore means so much more.

How do you consume? What are you putting in your body and mind and how do you feel after? How do you feel when you eat too much greasy fast food vs. how do you feel after you get off by porn behind your computer instead of being with an actual human? How do you feel after watching Kim Kardashian do nothing? Or watching all your friends Snapchat Stories? Or watching an exciting moment behind your phone when you could just watch it in front of your eyes?

Everything you consume should be treated as a travel destination. If it’s not beautiful, if you won’t learn and if it doesn’t make you feel good, why waste and expense on it?

How can a (wo)man today Become Carnivore again?

To hunt and kill, a carnivore must embody of qualities camouflage, patience, intuition of knowing when to pounce, a quiet slither, speed, tactic, and the ability to fight.

~Tales of a Meat Eater from a Former Vegetarian

Beasts of England by George Orwell

Beasts of England! Beasts of Ireland!
Beasts of land and sea and skies!
Hear the hoofbeats of tomorrow!
See the golden future rise!

How does the life of an animal pass?
In endless drudgery.
What’s the first lesson an animal learns?
To endure its slavery.
How does the life of an animal end?
In cruel butchery.

Beasts of England! Beasts of Ireland!
Beasts of land and sea and skies!
Hear the hoofbeats of tomorrow!
See the golden future rise!

Now the day of beasts is coming,
Tyrant man shall lose his throne
And the shining fields of England
Shall be trod by beasts alone.

Pull the rings from out your noses
Tear the saddle from your back!
Bit and spur must rust forever,
Cruel whips no more shall crack.

Beasts of England, seize the prizes,
Wheat and barley, oats and hay,
Clover, beans and mangel wurzel
Shall be ours upon that day.

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