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30 something-year-olds take their followers, likers, and story views equally as serious as millennials; they just pretend to not care. There is an endangered breed of 30-somethings are not phased by likes followers, and story lurkers. If you are this minority, then you are secretly admired by selfie addicts and phone mirror users. The fact is, social media likes and follows send a message and it is indeed THE new form of communication and  people who communicate via social media coward away from talking about their new language. How do you understand a language if you don’t begin to study it? Millennials are already engrained to knowing this shit matters, so it’s the moment to make it an unfiltered conversation. It’s not just that likes send a oxytocin filled rush to the brain, it’s that likes and follows send a social message if you are in or out of someone’s artificial circle. Yes fake friends are real, but real friends now communicate in the passive aggressive digi space too and REAL FRIENDS, you are being called the fuck out right now. If your way of communicating with people you care about is through social media and if you think you’re caught up on your friends’ lives because you tune-in to their channels, then you kinda suck. You too are what is wrong with culture today.

Followers follow other followers.

It’s the first follower who makes a leader, a leader.

New followers emulate the followers, not the leader.

So is leadership bullshit?

Twitter was founded in 2006 and in just 11 years, companies like Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, and Snapchat followed by placing emphasis on the word “follow.”

the Googs says:

Who do you strive to be like? Who do you want to go after? Who do you want to act like? Words have meaning.

Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and Selena Gomez combined have more followers than there are Christians in the United States. Kim Kardashian was first ridiculed for her sex tape. She was the first true follower of Paris Hilton, then more and more women followed and made sex tapes and now sex tapes are no big deal and Kim Kardashian is one of thee most powerful people in the world. The first follower is who held the power, not the leader. Fashion “leader,” Anna Wintour, rejected ever putting the world’s most famous ass in Vogue, but the more followers the ass got, Wintour found herself on the outside and no one likes to be out.

It’s Lord of the Flies out there, we’re all looking for a pig to kill. If it’s not Donald Trump, then it’s a celebrity, if it’s not a celebrity, then bitches channel their inner Regina George and hunt for something weak to prey on. News stations, your social media feeds, the shit your friends say… we’re all following something.

What follower do you follow?

Who is their leader?

The more people who join the movement, the less of a risk it is.

People pay money just to have fake followers. People who do nothing want to appear like leaders so bad that a fake number on their profiles matters more then a real number.

Everyone wants to be Jesus,

but no one wants to speak their minds, stand on the outside, and die for what they believe in.

How many Instagram profiles do you follow that look just like another Instagram account you follow?

How many people do you “follow,” that you wish you didn’t have to follow but you do because holy hell, what would happen if you unfollowed them?

How many times have you liked a photo that you don’t actually like?

This track goes with the feeling of this article. Experience it. Get Stupid by Mac Dre

20/20 TLG Instagram users texted YES, they follow people they do NOT want to follow

17/20 TLG Instagram users texted YES, they like other photos with the agenda to get likes back

“But I need followers for my business.”

27, Female, entrepreneur

“I think it’s rude when your friends don’t like your photos. It’s passive aggressive, likes do matter today.”

29, Female, makes 6 figures

You are more likely to follow an Instagram account of someone who has 1000 followers over someone with 50 because who wants to follow someone that isn’t being followed by other people?

All actions have consequences. Following reality star “leaders” perpetuates the domino effect of shitty people gaining power and making it okay for other people to act shitty. Be careful who you follow because if you consume pouty lips and sex tape stars, someone else will and that means you are part of creating more sex tapes and a world full of pretty faces and empty heads.

In a very old book that wars have been raged over, it tall-tales Andrew and Apostle Peter. They were followers of John the Baptist before they were followers of Jesus. When John said, “Look, the Lamb of God!” in passing, it was a done deal, Jesus had his first followers. John was the leader who became a follower.

This was John. (Baptize me any day, John!)

John the Hunk, by Anton Raphael Mengs, 1760

Here is a lil recap of history:

Jesus was a 33 year old dude that died and over 2000 years later, he remains one of the most followed leaders ever in the U.S. (but not as much as all the Kardashians combined). In 2000 years from now, who will still be following you? Did your Kardashian inspired selfies of reminding people how pretty and in shape you are reverberate? You know why Kim Kardashian is so famous, it’s because she was shameless and didn’t stop when she was being ridiculed. She is indeed a leader regardless of what example she sets.

If you had a million followers, what would you want them to like about you? What would be the reason why they follow you?

Suppose Kim Kardashian woke up tomorrow and decided to wear a turban and cover her body for the rest of her life. Some people would start to wear turbans and the first uneducated person that made fun of her for looking like a punjab then claimed she turned to ISIS would be followed by others who were first to scared to reveal their stupidity.

the betch is still pretty with a fucking turban… sigh

Okay, we follow shitty people and it’s never ending, what’s the point?

Look at who you follow and why you follow them. It is hard to look away, but it might be good for you to. It’s not easy to unfollow someone you don’t want to look at, but it should be socially acceptable to unfollow someone. There needs to be an unfollow movement. What if you just don’t want to look at pictures of someone every day but still want to be their friend? You shouldn’t have to follow someone because they followed you. If you’re liking photos and following people you don’t like, then that is a reflection of you. You are what you eat.

There are real-time graphs showing who has the most followers on Instagram, but there are no accurate graphics showing the population of religions and beliefs in the United States. Do you know how many people have died because of who and what they followed? Are you willing to die for those you follow? Thinking, don’t take it so serious it’s just Instagram? STFU. It’s time to take shit serious because just about every young person secretly cares way to much about who follows them and what pictures they like. Celebrities who pit people against each other are running this country.

The Kardashians, The Real Housewives, and TMZ are equally as powerful as our celebrity President.

Millennials all want their own reality show and create them on their Instagram stories. Businesses depend on follower counts so they pay for robots to “like” photos. But a slow build, trust, good stories, and accuracy in numbers is what stands the test of time. We’re so jaded by the way a number looks rather than what it means. Jesus musta been one magical fuck!!!

If you have one true FOLLOWER in your life, you’re LUCKY. If you have 5k REAL followers, God dam, you have a responsibility to do something awesome. Be the panacea.

You consume who you follow. You are what you eat.


The Last Genhas been watching it’s audience carefully and has experimented.

There have been people who have waited for others to “like” before they “like.” There are people who message TLG privately about it, but won’t publicly acknowledge it. Unless you encrypt your IP address, nothing is private. We know who clicks and doesn’t like. We know who’s secretly reading, and we love your creepiness.

Here at TLG, we 😂 try to be blunt but governmentally bipartisan, because this space is a safe welcoming playground and you can be whoever you want here. Everyone has the right to love, like, and believe whatever they want! Love Trump? We don’t care, just don’t be stupid. We have already been told we’re “too political” and can’t be liked publicly by someone who rants about these topics all day. Well your bullshit is seen. 👁

We 😂 experimented on Instagram by consciously not “liking” certain people’s photos and observed what happened. Those people we stopped “liking” suddenly took notice and stopped “liking” our photos. When did it become a game? If you like something you should like it, if you don’t then don’t. Do you really owe someone a meaningless digital like?





Real Friends by Kanye West

Jesus had fake friends too.

I’ve said it three times and I’ll say it a fourth, I’m a hypocrite at the top of her game. I watch women in their late twenties and early thirties stare at their Instagram and Snapchat stories again and again. They know who their frequent audience is, but when you bring up social media in a conversation, they pretend like they don’t care and put down people that do. I too an guilty of this, but I won’t be a fake bitch, I care. I said it, I fucking care and notice when my supposed REAL FRIENDS try to communicate with me through social media and not in real life. I wish I didn’t care and never really noticed until I launched TLG. I’m putting myself out there and it’s not easy to be brave and say the shit people are thinking but are too scared to say. The friends that I do love, their support is important to me. Recently, I’ve felt hurt my someone’s actions on social media and tried to talk to them about it like a real human but then they continued to passively aggressively communicate via social media like a robot… It hurts and sucks and I’m learning that we’re all just becoming robots. I think robots have potential.

Trying to stay real here.

I made a promise to myself to only do things, like things, and consume things that I love. I currently am having a love affair with artists. I only like to look at things that make me feel love. The account @eye.c, by feeling creator Ted Chin, on Instagram transports me to a place I wish my dreams could go, just for an instant, on my phone. Every time I look, it’s a surprise and I feel so much.

Creations by Ted Chin, @eye.c
Creation by Ted Chin, @eye.c

There’s this alien account with a mere 700 followers, @grays51, makes me laugh so hard and I see bravery in it. It makes me want to walk around earth with an alien mask on because that’s how I feel anyhow. It’s important to love the destination you travel to at all times and your phone has many destinations, it even goes to outer space!

Life of 2 Aliens on Earth, @grays51
Alien gets earth massage, @grays51

There are people I would like to unfollow, but actions do have consequences and my unfollow action will hold energy on both ends, so I need to consciously think about how I approach those that I follow, like, and unfollow.

Who do you follow? Who do you want to unfollow? The only rules that exist are the ones you follow.

I don’t follow rules.


  • I’ve discovered Telegram Channels. You can follow a channel but there is no way of seeing who saw your content and there are no comments, likes or follows. There is no bullshit politics, it’s simple. If you like the content put out on a channel, you read and look and both the poster and the “follower” owe each other nothing. Here is my telegram channel: The Last Gen
  • Art Credit – The Last Supper is by Leonardo da Vinci and defiled by me (those are my lips). Obviously there are images of Kardashians, emojis, Mean Girls, the Simpsons, and a random gif of Jesus… There are no expectations for TLG, but I’ve started to have magical feelings about it and want to legally protect it and myself. I use a lot of Disney images and well known art references. I have no permission from these large studios or artists… They’re important for my storytellings, but I’m starting to consider what to do going forward with future articles. TLG is a beat and experience, we 😂 will be experimenting in new ways to try to keep is mostly all original. Still a beta baby!


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