A Never Ending Store Window. Are you in?

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30 something-year-olds take their followers, likers, and story views equally as serious as millennials; they just pretend to not care. There is an endangered breed of 30-somethings are not phased by likes followers, and story lurkers. If you are this minority, then you are secretly admired by selfie addicts and phone mirror users. The fact is, social media likes and follows send a message and it is indeed THE new form of communication and  people who communicate via social media coward away from talking about their new language. How do you understand a language if you don’t begin to study it? Millennials are already engrained to knowing this shit matters, so it’s the moment to make it an unfiltered conversation. It’s not just that likes send a oxytocin filled rush to the brain, it’s that likes and follows send a social message if you are in or out of someone’s artificial circle. Yes fake friends are real, but real friends now communicate in the passive aggressive digi space too and REAL FRIENDS, you are being called the fuck out right now. If your way of communicating with people you care about is through social media and if you think you’re caught up on your friends’ lives because you tune-in to their channels, then you kinda suck. You too are what is wrong with culture today. KEEP READING👀

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