A Never Ending Store Window. Are you in?

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Seeing is believing? Have you gone blind? It was NOT A ROCKET.

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An hour past sundown on December 22, 2017, an 80-year-woman in stilettos, a blonde wig, and a very tight cat-eye facelift runs into an endangered Barnes & Noble store in Marina Del Rey, California yelling of magnificence for everyone to look at the sky.✨

“Did you see it? Did you look?” she nods with complete confidence in what she had seen. Eyes wide and alert, she gains composure and speaks, “Aliens are here. They’ve finally come. Crazy shit.” She embodied the spirit of this dude below. The paper book shoppers thought, was it the facelift that made her look crazy or was she crazy? It never once crossed their minds that it could be true, that magic was real.


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