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2019. One Hit Wonder, One Night Stand

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but read and listen to music tracks for full experience.

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If it was good, they will wonder.💫2019 is the year of SEXY.

No he didn’t spend the night because assholes don’t spend the night. It was 4am and it started to pour rain. I always wonder in this beautiful city of LA filled the millions of stories and a collection of people, why is it I’m the only one who’ll run in the rain? By legend, not only does it rain just once a year, but for the first time in a stretch it fucking poured real water. He snuck out my front door without saying bye and when I heard the door shut that it, that hopeful feeling of being wanted faded. I ran for my light and by the end of that run I knew I had made the most out of what the universe just gave me – with the rain and him. Like the end of the new year, when I know it’s over and I wish I could have done it different, it’s always devastating, but then my heart speaks to me and tells me to get up and just go. KEEP READING👀

THE NEW YEAR – 2018 – When the ball really drops.

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“Lakshman lakshman lakshman ong ong lakshman. Now shake your hips as fast as you can, imagine gold, and let your kundalini rise! Chant this to get rich in 2017.” preached a white blonde “guru” sitting on a golden throne wearing a white turban.

In the dark, I hypnotically moved my body, my arms swung from side to side and I imaged money pouring down. The freedom to just move compulsively, to reach wide and fast and sensual as I felt, plus it was gonna get rich. I had become a hindu God, Ganesh, with slithering arms and an elephant’s trunk defying gravity. Every time I said the mantra “lakshman,” I could take myself into this mythological cave world filled with mountains of gold and the luck of the Irish.


Boom. Indian God in Ireland. Boom, I’m gonna get rich.

Laksham! 2017 Laksham! 2018 Laksham! Am I rich yet?

New Years Eve, the most lonely night of the year.


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