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The Last Gen has an anthem. It’s this.

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If you’ve made it to 2018, then you are living during a time when everything is watching and nothing is real. You no longer need real friends or real dollars or real experiences. Who needs real sex when you can watch porn alone in your apartment? Who needs change in your pocket when you’ve got it in the blockchain? Who needs real friends, when your phone knows you better than anyone? Who needs a therapist when you have Alexa? Who needs Jesus, when Kim K’s got more instagram followers than Him? Why go visit little kids in Africa when you pretend to be with them by wearing pair goggles? Why go to college when you’ve got Youtube and Mukbang videos? Why have laws when you can have guns?! Now you can just go on the dark web and get an epic night mailed to you through the US Postal Service! Sex robots are real AF.

It’s a pretty phucked up time, but we’re glad you’re here!

Advice: always buy a keyboard cover and if you’re gonna buy DMT, make sure your back-alley dealer has at least 300 reviews… don’t want to get that made in China shit.

A never ending store window, are you in?

Side note: TLG Founder doesn’t drink or do drugs, but she gets IT.

– Written by Mel Blanchard Gong

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